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Images of the Argan: forest, harvest and production

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Hello, Can argan oil be refrigerated? Thanks for your reply!

A: Yes, it certainly can be refrigerated. This will prolong the oil's life. You will notice that, like many oils, it will solidify and congeal. But, when you are ready to use it, remove it from the fridge and let it set at room temperature for a while. It will return to normal consistency within a short period, usually within a day. In fact some of our customers will buy more than one bottle, or in bulk, and store some in the fridge.

Q: Hi, I just placed an order for the posh peddler argan oil, but I just saw that there are two kinds, the deordorized and the pure argan oil, wats the difference and does deodorization affect the quality??

A: The quality is not affected at all. It is just that some people like the deodorized version, which was started in France of all places. It has the same richness, but without the mild scent of the raw argan seed. After a few minutes on the skin or hair, you cannot tell the difference between the two. I suspect that the reason that some people like the deodorized version is because the oil from roasted seed has a strong nutty odor. Also, some people were in the habit of selling rancid or smelly argan oil. Ours is always fresh.

Organic Argan Oil, certified by ECOCERT, a French organization authorized and accredited for structure and process by COFRANC ( French committee for accreditation ), which requires independence, competence and impartiality. Part of it's responsibility is to certify agricultural products that meet requirements for approval as Organic, which ECOCERT has done for the producer of this oil.       It is rare, produced from trees grown only in Morocco, is unadulterated, and is gaining in popularity for use in skin and hair care, massage therapy, and as an ingredient in a variety of beauty products.
    We enclosed our oil in an amber glass bottle with a shrink-wrapped dropper. The amber bottle  helps to protect the oil during normal and regular use.

Q: Is your argan oil organic?
A: Yes, it is. Our argan oil is Certified Organic by ECOCERT, a French organization authorized and accredited by COFRANC ( French committee for accreditation ), Our producer undergoes an annual approval process for its certification.

Q: Is there any other ingredient in your product?
A: No. Our oil contains only the oil extracted from raw argan seed. It is tested for authenticity by the Moroccan Government prior to export, as a precondition for obtaining an Export License, 


Q: What methods are used to process the oil that you sell?
A:The process of producing Cosmetic grade Argan Oil, a rare natural product, combines traditional methods of extracting seed with a state of the art mechanical methods of extracting the Argan Oil from the seed.  The tree produces an oval-shaped green fruit which contains 2-3 kernels inside a pit. In order to extract the kernels from the almond, the almond-shaped nut must first be cracked open. Our producer collects the fruit, using a superior culling process to eliminate seed that has been eaten by animals. This ensures that the cold pressed oil will be without smell. Berber women then engage in the tedious and  difficult  process of extracting the kernels. Our producer, who is also from Agadir, and a member of the Berber people, then collects kernels from Berber women in the region and uses the cold press method of extracting the oil. His process eliminates the older, traditional process in which the  paste was mixed with water to bring the oil to the surface, and  then collected for use. It would take about ten extra hours of labor to make one liter of oil. This improves the quality and prolongs the life of the oil. Still, it takes from 15-25  hours of tedious work by hand for women to produce the 3 kg of kernels  needed to produce one liter of argan oil. 

Q: What is the shelf-life of your argan oil?
A: Because of the method used to extract and process our argan, instead of a 2-3 months shelf life of oil under the traditional method, our oil has at least a 2-3 year shelf life. We enclose our oil in a cobalt blue bottle so that light will be less likely to lead to breakdown and spoilage. Like any oils, it should be kept away from sunlight and heat in order to preserve shelf-life.